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Groove Merchant Records

Groove Merchant Records



2013, San Francisco.



EYL commercial – Enjoy Your Skate Life

EYL commercial – Enjoy Your Skate Life from HHIIRROO on Vimeo.


I made an EYL commercial. Enjoy!

“EYL stands for ENJOY YOUR LIFE, and I’ve designed my coin cases to help you enjoy every day. Three separate pockets let you sort, store, and access coins by denomination.”


Shot on Location : Tachikawa (立川)

Talent : Susumu Ikemoto, Creator of EYL

Direct and Edit : Hirotaka Fukui

Shot on 5D MKIII
Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, After Effects CS6
Colored with Black Magic Software Da Vinci Resolve
Apple computers



Minami “Bambi” Shuji




Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi park



Heat cup

Ace Sugimoto


I went to Heat cup thrown by VHS mag in the Umikaze park in Yokosuka.

My bros, Ace got 3rd, and Shogo was killing at the best trick contest.

It was so much fun.


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